TDP Tablet Press 1.5


This machine is designed for pressing tablets from various granular materials.  It is used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, health care, and science and research industries.  The TDP 1.5 is applicable for trial manufacturing in a lab or can be used to produce small quantities of different kinds of tablets.  In addition, the TDP 1.5 can create tablets of abnormal shapes.

TDP 1.5 Tablet Press

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This press will fit on a table or desktop.  It includes a motor, 220v or 110v, and can also be hand – operated by turning the large wheel? It is ideal for small volumes of tablets.  One die punch set is mounted and the depth of the filling material and thickness of the tablets can be easily adjusted.

This machine is imported from China and will be delivered via DHL to your door.  Due to the weight of the machine and import costs, the freight for this machine is $350 within the United States.

TDP 1.5 Tablet Press

TDP 1.5 Tablet Press – Table Top Tablet Press

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Technical Parameters
1.  Max .press strength(KN)  15
2.  Max .tablet diameter(mm)  12
3.  Max .filling depth(mm)  12
4.  Productive capacity(Pcs/Hour) 4700
5.  Motor power(kw)   0.25
6.  Turning speed(r/min)  1400
7.  Weight (kg)   92.5
8.  Length*Width*Height(mm)  570x380x630